Skydive Story: Stephanie Probst

For every skydive, there’s a skydive story. It’s one of the best parts of our day and business. People come to Skydive Indianapolis for countless reasons. Some come for the thrill of flying through the skies at 120 mph or to check one off their bucket list. Some do it with a group of friends or family or as a fundraiser.… Read More

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Skydive Profile: Brandon Dougherty

SKYDIVE INDIANAPOLIS PROFILES: Brandon Dougherty Packers are the unsung heroes of any skydive center. After all, they’re the ones who are responsible for making sure a parachute is packed properly and safely. They can minimize hard opens and cutaways, and their skill and speed help decrease wait times. Since they’re on the mat, you may not get to say “hi,” so… Read More

Skydive Indy Profile: Sara Robinson

Meet Sara Robinson If you’ve ever watched our skydivers land, then you’ve probably noted one in particular. A skydiver that comes in fast and seems to float into her landing with all the grace of a ballet dancer. That would be Sara Robinson, a multi-rated instructor who brings that same grace to every aspect of her life and to the drop… Read More

Skydiver Tips: Used vs. New Gear

Used or New Gear? You’re done with renting gear, and ready to move on to purchasing your own. You’ve talked with your mentors, coaches and rigger, you’ve done your research, you know what you want and what you need. The next step is making the investment and figuring out what you can buy used, what you must buy new. Here… Read More

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Skydive Indianapolis Profiles: Ryan Kramer

Meet Ryan Kramer On any given day at Skydive Indianapolis, you’ll see Ryan Kramer bustling through our drop zone. This multi-rated, multi-talented skydiver is a full-time member of our staff, and brings an energy, sense of humor and excitement to both our drop zone and our students. If you’ve jumped with him before, you know exactly what we mean. Here’s your… Read More

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Refresher Course For a Safer Re-Start

Why you need a refresher course. Every year, skydivers ask or are asked to take a refresher course. Maybe you’re ex-military with 1,000 jumps under your belt but you haven’t left a plane this century. Maybe you have a B-license, but you’ve sat out for a couple of years, or you completed your AFF graduation jump last summer but haven’t jumped… Read More

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The skies are calling! Come jump at 13,000 feet, fly through the air at 120 mph, and float home under canopy. Ready for an amazing adventure? Skydive with us!

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