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Skydive Indianapolis Profiles: Ryan Kramer

Meet Ryan Kramer On any given day at Skydive Indianapolis, you’ll see Ryan Kramer bustling through our drop zone. This multi-rated, multi-talented skydiver is a full-time member of our staff, and brings an energy, sense of humor and excitement to both our drop zone and our students. If you’ve jumped with him before, you know exactly what we mean. Here’s your… Read More

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Refresher Course For a Safer Re-Start

Why you need a refresher course. Every year, skydivers ask or are asked to take a refresher course. Maybe you’re ex-military with 1,000 jumps under your belt but you haven’t left a plane this century. Maybe you have a B-license, but you’ve sat out for a couple of years, or you completed your AFF graduation jump last summer but haven’t jumped… Read More

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