Refresher Course For a Safer Re-Start

Why you need a refresher course. Every year, skydivers ask or are asked to take a refresher course. Maybe you’re ex-military with 1,000 jumps under your belt but you haven’t left a plane this century. Maybe you have a B-license, but you’ve sat out for a couple of years, or you completed your AFF graduation jump last summer but haven’t jumped… Read More

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Wingsuit Rodeos

As wingsuiting has grown in popularity, so have wingsuit rodeos. YouTube and Facebook contain lots of footage of scary wingsuit rodeos performed by inexperienced-and sometimes experienced-wingsuit pilots. Even jumpers with extensive wingsuit experience need to learn new exit positions, spotting techniques and instability recovery skills to perform rodeos safely. Many drop zones have instituted minimum standards for both wingsuit riders and… Read More


Tips For Parachute Packing

Want some tips for parachute packing? Chances are if you are reading this you have experienced one of those hard openings that made you scream colorful metaphors after it’s very fast inflation. I would like to talk about some things that should be done on every parachute pack job and I’m also going to remind you to CHECK YOUR GEAR!… Read More

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