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If you want to learn to skydive solo, our 12-jump Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) program will get you there.  Through ground school and in-air instruction, we’ll help you master everything from exits to free fall,  canopy control to landings. Skydive Indianapolis provides everything from expert instructors to skydiving gear and if you want to see your progress, a skydive videographer.

Know that we take our student skydivers seriously; we want you to understand human flight and know how to skydive safely. Our USPA-certified AFF instructors will be with you every step of the way—on the ground and in the skies.

Skydive Indianapolis AFF Program & Prices

Our AFF program mirrors the USPA’s Categories A-F.  You must complete each successfully to move to the next, and you must complete your next jump within 30 days.

Complete your AFF course in one week

It’s entirely possible to earn your AFF in one week, but you have to dedicate yourself and your time. There are a lot of benefits to going this route, such as greater retention and muscle memory. Plus, you get to dive solo a lot sooner!

Category A:  Whether you’re completing your AFF in a week, a month or over the season, the program always begins with a  five-to six-hour ground training that covers gear, procedures and techniques essential to a safe skydive, as well as ground practice and simulations of skydiving scenarios. When complete, you’ll do an AFF familiarization tandem jump. On successful completion of that jump, you’ll make your first solo jump accompanied by two AFF  instructors, trained to assist you through exit, free fall and parachute deployment. Another instructor will guide you through landing via radio.

To help you prepare for every jump, we’ve linked every Category to the corresponding USPA page. It’s a great resource with information, dive and canopy flows and quizzes. To check it out, just click on one of the categories below.

AFF Package: Purchase the entire AFF program upfront for $1975 and you’ll save $475.

A-License Jumps:  Once you finish your AFF program, you can jump solo at our drop zone, but you are still considered a student. To become a licensed skydiver, you need to earn your A License. This requires a total of 25 jumps (AFF jumps apply to this, as do tandems).

A-License Package: Basically, it’s everything in one: The entire AFF program, the additional skill and solo jumps, coaching, gear rental, and pack jobs.  With a total of 25 jumps, the A License package costs $2875

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