Group Skydives. Come Together.

When it comes to group skydives, more is definitely more. More fun. More memorable. And more discounts.  In fact, if you have a group of five or greater, we’ll take $20 off everyone’s jump. And with our full-time turbine jump aircraft, we can take more of your group into our skies together.

Whether it’s a family, a bunch of friends or coworkers, church groups, Greeks, sport teams or military units, Skydive Indianapolis goes out of our way to make your experience a great one. There’s ample seating, a snack shack, vending machines, a gift shop and restroom facilities. Those who want to come watch but not jump are welcome as well, and we’ll make sure they’re part of the action with front row viewing seats.

Our turbine aircraft means more people in your group can jump together, but you have to have a reservation first. There are a couple of ways  to do this:

1. Use our online booking system to reserve your individual jump

  • We’ll send you a confirmation email with a group number
  • Share the group number with your gang, and direct them to use our online booking system
  • When they enter the group number, they’ll automatically be added to your group
  • Groups of five or over will get their $20 discounts at check in
  • Please note, if you need more slots just give us a call at 1 800 990-5509 and we’ll do our best to accommodate you

2. Call 1 800 990-5509 to book your group

  • You can either pay for all of their deposits at one time or
  • Book your jump via the phone, then share your confirmation email and group number with them

Skydive Indianapolis Amenities

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The skies are calling! Come jump at 13,000 feet, fly through the air at 120 mph, and float home under canopy. Ready for an amazing adventure? Skydive with us!

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