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Skydive videos + photos¬†let you relive and share your skydive over and over again, and the photo and video package from Skydive Indianapolis is simply amazing. There are three options, and all involve a USPA-rated videographer chronicling your entire experience from gearing up to boarding the plane, exiting to free fall to landing. Trust us, you’ll love the experience and the memories!

PLEASE NOTE:¬†Because we assign a professional videographer to be with you every step of the way, you MUST commit to one of these options at check in and BEFORE you jump. Our videographer’s are amazing, but it’s impossible for them to fly with more than one person at a time. They can, however, get images/video of your group on the ground.


Edited to music, this 5 to 7-minute video includes interviews on the ground, on the plane and after landing, as well as your free fall experience. We'll email you a YouTube link to share with others as well a downloadable one for yourself



We send you a downloadable link loaded with all the pictures we've taken on the ground, on the plane, in free fall and after landing. As a rule, you receive anywhere from 50-60 images. Feel free to print, enlarge and share them.



Want 'em both? We'll give you a package discount. ($39 savings)


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The skies are calling! Come jump at 13,000 feet, fly through the air at 120 mph, and float home under canopy. Ready for an amazing adventure? Skydive with us!

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